I was born in Trinidad and moved with my family to New York at a very young age.  In Trinidad, I was surrounded by vibrant colors...turquoise water, crimson chaconias, and grass green sugarcane swaying in the breeze.  New York was quite the contrast...enormous buildings...crowds of people...and snow! Everything seemed so gray.

As a young adult, I discovered that I had a talent for drawing, which opened up another world for me to explore.  When I reached my twenties, I decided to challenge my comfort zone and made my first purchase of paint, a medium that was pretty much foreign to me.  Like drawing, I taught myself how to paint.  I knew from the initial brush stroke to the smooth application of vibrant colors of paint to canvas, I was mesmerized, thrilled and excited.  I painted on glass, wood, paper, canvas and whatever was available. 

Throughout the years, I would draw and paint for family, friends and myself.   Producing a piece of art for the people in my life always motivated and inspired me creatively thereby, generating a sense of satisfaction.  Through this inspiration and encouragement, I realized that I wanted my art to play a bigger role in my life - I had to get my  art out in the world and be seen. 

Starting out was a struggle, but I was lucky to have one of my pieces shown for a month at a very popular bar in the Lower East Side of NYC.  I was also very successful selling one-of-a-kind hand painted boxes at a local shop in Brooklyn, N.Y.

In 2012, I posted my portfolio on a few online sites hoping to gain attention for my work.  I certainly knew that I was a needle in a haystack of needles and that there are millions of talented artists out there with the same dreams and desires, but...nothing ventured, nothing gained.  No matter what the outcome, I would always have what I started out with...my art.

In  2013, See.me, a website created for artists as a way to connect to an international audience through events and exhibitions, chose a few of my pieces to be digitally displayed on the Big Screen Plaza's 30'x16' HD screen in New York.  My work was also featured as part of The Story of the Creative, an International Exhibition, at the Angel Orensanz Foundation for Contemporary Art, in New York, which was then transferred to the See.Me Exhibition Space in Long island City, New York for a three month digital exhibition.  I was fortunate and thrilled to have my work shown at the SCOPE Art Fair in Miami, Florida, and to take part in Brooklyn's Night Bazaar, a night market that brings together artists and art lovers from all over the world, and See.Me's Year in Review 2013.  A selection of my work was also on loan at a boutique wine bar in NYC's Gramercy Park neighborhood, which was displayed for a period of one year.

In 2014 I was honored to have my paintings and drawings featured on one of the tallest screens in the heart of Times Square.  The experience was surreal, cool and pretty amazing.

In 2015, twenty-five pieces of my work, which included original paintings and digital designs was displayed at The Empty Spaces Project gallery in Putnam, Connecticut for the month of May.

I'd like to believe that the richness of colors used in my art is a representation of the colors I remembered as a young child, making my first impressions of a gray New York now filled with a wealth of color.

To me, art is not just visual  - it's an emotion; that visual and that emotion is different for each person.  I believe that is what most artists want when someone looks at his or her creation.  I want people to use their imagination and see the things that I don't necessarily see, that's the beauty of art in any form...it's open to interpretation.


blue gryphon designs